Implications and Findings

This paper presents implications of the results of the RAY transnational studies conducted on the “Youth in Action Programme” (2007-2013).


Youth in Action. Finding and Implications for Practice (pdf)
It tries to give answers to “What do the results of the studies tell us about how Youth in Action has worked?”; “Which findings can be useful for the successor programme Erasmus+/Youth in Action?” and shows apart from the many positive effects of the programme implications for improvement.

Youth in Action – Much to be proud of (pdf)
The content of this sheet is based on the self-perception of participants in Youth in Action Projects and taken from the analytical paper: Yael Ohana (2016): “Youth in Action. Finding and Implications for Practice”.

20 Years European Voluntary Service. Effects (pdf)
This factsheet provides a selection of the positive effects of the European Voluntary Service.
The content is based on the self-perception of participants and taken from the ongoing research based analysis and monitoring of the EU youth programme by means of RAY.

Main Research Findings of RAY 2014 (pdf)
This brochure provides an overview of “Research-based analysis and monitoring of Youth in Action” (RAY), in particular of the RAY Network and its aims and objectives, the research approach and the main findings of research activities between 2009 and 2013.