Research Programme

At the beginning of 2014, the RAY Network launched a process in order to develop its mission, research approaches, activities and structure for Erasmus+: Youth in Action (2014 to 2020). This process resulted in a commonly agreed programme of RAY research activities between 2014 and 2020, involving presently 31 RAY Network partners (National Agencies for the Erasmus+: Youth Programme and their researchers) in 29 countries.


The RAY research programme includes the following research projects:

  • Research-based analysis and monitoring of Erasmus+: Youth in Action aimed at contributing to monitoring and developing Erasmus+: Youth in Action and the quality of projects supported by it. This activity is a joint activity of all RAY Network partners;
  • a research project on the long-term effects of Erasmus+: Youth in Action on participation and citizenship of the actors involved, in particular on the development of participation and citizenship competences and practices. 12 network partners are involved in this project;
  • a research project on competence development and capacity building of youth workers and youth leaders involved in training/support activities in Erasmus+: Youth in Action; this project will also explore the effects of Erasmus+: Youth in Action on the organisations involved. This projects involves 17 National Agencies of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

For further information on the research projects, please go to Research Activties

These research activities are prepared by working groups and in consultation with the European Commission and related structures. This includes the establishment of common research and ethical standards. The research projects are designed in a way that an overlap between the samples for the different research activities is avoided.
Further research activities related to Erasmus+: Youth in Action will be developed during the coming years.