Results and Publications Erasmus+: Youth in Action (2014 - 2020) Transnational Analyses

RAY MON: Exploring Erasmus+: Youth in Action. Effects and outcomes of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme from the perspective of project participants and project leaders. Transnational Analysis 2015/16.

Executive Summary (November 2017, pdf)

Main Findings (November 2017, pdf, 1,2 MB)

Main Findings - Data Report (November 2017, pdf, 1,5 MB)

RAY CAP: Competence Development and Capacity Building in Erasmus+: Youth in Action: The impact of the programme on youth workers' competence.

Transnational analysis of module A: Self-perceived competence development of project participants (December 2017, pdf, 7 MB)

Transnational analysis of module (A) and module (B): Competence development of project participants (youth workers / youth leaders) (December 2018, pdf, 9 MB)

RAY LTE: Long-Term Effects of Erasmus+: Youth in Action on Participation and Citizenship. Interim Transnational Analysis 2018. Main Findings from Interviews and Surveys between 2015 and 2018.

Executive Summary (May 2018, pdf 550 KB)

Main Findings (August 2018, pdf 540 KB)

Data Report (August 2018, pdf 640 KB)

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